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Klonopin is an tranquilizer which belongs to the class of medication known as benzodiazepine. It is use to treat the condition of seizures and panic disorder in a human. This oral medication is found be effective in treating this anxiety category of disorders.

Take proper doctors advice before taking Klonopin.

As this medication is potential to cause addiction in patients, it is classified under the controlled drugs of schedule IV category. Hence buying Klonopin without proper medical guidelines or doctors advice is considered to be against law. Hence meet the doctor in prior and explain in detail about the problem regarding seizures and anxiety.

You should also report the medications you are taking so far. Any current medication is in practice that should be taken to the doctor’s notice. This is to avoid the interaction effects of other medication with Klonopin as this may cause serious side effects and will alter the working mechanism of the medication.

After all this process your doctor will suggest you the dosage level if your health condition is suitable to be treated with Klonopin.

Withdrawal effects

Klonopin medications are classified under the controlled category of medications by FDA. Also, you could see you cannot buy this medication in any of the drugstores with a legal approval of the doctor.

This is due to the fact that this Klonopin is highly addictive and will cause serious withdrawal effects once stopped abruptly. Also, it is noted that this medication is not recommended for patients having the habit of abuse of alcohol or other drugs. Also, the pregnant women and breastfeeding women should not take Klonopin. As this will effectively harm the unborn in the fetus. The common withdrawal effects are increased anxiety, insomnia, etc..

Adverse effects

Klonopin is known under the generic name Clonazepam. Hence you are free to choose among any brand or generic version of it. If you have an allergic reaction to using the brand medication then you can choose the generic version of Klonopin.

The most common allergic reactions are


Impairment of the motor functions


Loss of libido


Both generic and brand version of the drug includes the common adverse effects

Personality changes



Behavioral disturbance

Liver damage


If any of this adverse effects are severe. If you note any of this stop taking Klonopin and reach your doctor immediately.


You can purchase the dosage in the following strengths 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg doses. It is recommended to take the recommended dosage 3 times a day. The 1mg of the tablet has the inscription of E 64 in it. It is blue in color and round in shape.

All Klonopin drugs have the same inscription as E 64. The dosage strength depends on the severity of the health condition. But using this medication for a longer duration than prescribed can cause drug dependence.

Also, it is noted as Klonopin is approved by FDA approved medication. The Klonopin can be used without any dangerous effect.

Interaction of other medication

The interaction effect can change the effectiveness of Klonopin. Some of this interaction may increase the risk of all the side effects. Report your doctor about all the prescription and non-prescription medicines at the time of consultation.

This report from you will help the doctor to identify your health condition exactly and will alter the dosage accordingly. Hence consult your doctor before opting for any of the pill.

Some common interacting drugs are Carbamazepine, Phenytoin, Primidone. The usage of Klonopin with opiates, antidepressants, antipsychotics, antiepileptics and hypnotic drug such as Zolpidem may increase or decrease the effect of this Klonopin. Avoid taking alcohol during this treatment.


Before getting Klonopin you should inform your doctor about your previous medical history and your present medicines.

If you are allergic to Clonazepam you should not use this pill.

Your previous history of allergy to any certain drugs should be informed in prior to the doctor. Also, people having a comorbid psychiatric disorder in the past or present should inform your doctor.

Keep the Klonopin safe and away from the use of other persons. As this medication can significantly harm people with abusing habit. It is strongly advised not t share with other people.

The pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take this as this may harm the fetus.

The Klonopin is not recommended for children under age 18.

Withdrawal effects

Some people when stopped using Klonopin abruptly will suffer serious withdrawal effects. The common and most frequently detected symptoms are confusion, reduced reflexes, somnolence, CNS depressant, and coma. If you are subjected to any such side effects hen you should reach the doctor immediately and can stop taking the drug.